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The Rhinocorn
Story and Artwork by
Children's Book Author/Illustrator
Tamara DeStefano

I'm not only an artist, but an author as well. I've written and illustrated 5 children's books, two of which are now published and available to purchase. 

They're cute, colorful and packed full of quirky animals.

I think you and the kids in your life will love them!

She loves prancing across the prairie, sashaying across the Savannah and frolicking through the forests! She's Ruby the Rhino. But she's not just any rhino. She's The Rhinocorn! And her beautiful rainbow horn shines bright in the African sun.
She loves her colorful horn and thinks it's her best quality. It makes her special!
But when she trips on a tree trunk and topples into a Meerkat den, her beautiful horn is lost.
She's devasted, sure she's no longer special. And afraid no one will like her anymore.
She tries her best to choose the perfect replacement for her horn, but nothing works.
With a tear in her eye Ruby nearly gives up hope until a young rhino reminds her that its what's on the inside that counts.
Finally able to embrace her inner beauty, Ruby Samba's across the sand and never worries about her appearance again!

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The Rhinocorn Cover
The Rhinocorn Back Cover
The Rhinocorn Picture Book Interior
The Rhinocorn Picture Book Interior
The Rhinocorn Picture Book Interior
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