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There's A Bird On My Back
Story and artwork by
Children's Book Illustrator Tamara DeStefano

I'm not only an artist, but an author as well. I've written and illustrated 5 children's books, two of which are now published and available to purchase. 

They're cute, colorful and packed full of quirky animals.

I think you and the kids in your life will love them!

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There's a Bird on My Back

A Cooky Crazy Counting Book

Bruce the buffalo has a big problem. There's a bird on his back. But not just one bird! One becomes two and two becomes three and suddenly there's an entire flock of birds roosting on his back.
Ughhh! What's a buffalo to do?
Open this cooky, crazy, rhyming, counting book to find out.
And the end, Bruce won't be quite so grumpy...after all those silly birds leave him alone.

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There's A Bird On My Back Cover
There's A Bird On My Back
There's A Bird On My Back
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